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This section provides information and online resources for General Chemistry courses 103, 104, 108, 109, 115, and 116. Looking for information about a different course? GenChem Homework Welcome! This is the site where you find the homework assignments for Chemistry 211 and 212 for science majors.

When working on these problems, please keep in mind that most of the problems here are written at a basic to intermediate skill level and mastery of these problems should be considered Chemistry Homework: Chapter: You are finished with all of the problems required for a grade you can work on them for practice, however. Please click the submit button after selecting if you want to work problems for practice or for a grade. Grade: Homework will be done online at There are algorithmic questions in the homework which change each time the problem is shown.

The problems are sorted by level of difficulty. Select the experiment for which you want to retrieve results. Enter your username (ID) and password (last 3 digits of G# ) and then click on the Submit button. Struggle with the homework before you ask for help. Without this process, you wont really learn the material well enough to master the content. Without this process, you wont really learn the material well enough to master the content.

If you are taking gen chem 1, definitely take it with Cooper and no one else. He is an awesome lecturer, who explains concepts clearly. His homework's are kinda hard, but they help with exams and understanding. Chemistry 211 Lecture Syllabus Instructor: Gregory D. Foster Email: [email protected]

edu Items Required preparation is an integral part of the learning process and is essential to achieving success in Chem 211, and the online homework is required. Homework is recommended for sharpening students problem solving skills Topic: Gen Chem Homework Gmu ColdCon.

I predict Aslans work wont even find its way there. The introduction should include a salutation, such as Dear Mr. Your secure email message is sent directly to Admissions. People that commute are often on time more than people that live close by. You are pages into it and then Chemistry Instructor: Dr. Pritha G. Roy Email: [email protected] edu Students must simultaneously register for CHEM 211lecture and CHEM 213laboratory or completing homework, reviewing notes and preparing for exams.

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