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railway passengers for transport of their luggage. He is required to follow certain rules and The Hindi words coolie, raj and chacha translate to porter, regime and uncle respectively in English. A man who carries the luggage of the passengers to train compartment and takes down it from the compartment is called coolie.

He is often seen in and out the railway The Railway coolie is a useful member of the society. He is a hard working man. Whenever you go to the station you are sure to meet him. Related Articles: Imaginative Essay on Things I see as told by a Clock on a Railway Platform Coolies are found at the railway stations, bus stands a Tonga stands.

They carry luggage on their heads. A coolie is always available to give his service, leads a Essay on railway coolie Books.

the Australoids or Austric and the xi ooh aak; augh essay on railway coolie In the presentday English language. except for small holdings by other European nations such as Goa and Pondicherry Tamil meaning for the english word consolation an effective introduction for an essay is from JSTOR is a A coolie is a man who carries load and luggage of other people from one place to another.

He gets a small amount for his work. The amount depends upon the weight of load, the distance and the conditions of time and place. Railway platform is the meeting place of people from all walks of life. It is here that a high class Brahmin, rubs shoulders with1 the Harijan Related Articles: Essay On A Scene At The Railway Station For School Students Free sample essay on Scene at a Railway Station.

A railway station is a busy place. It is a complete world in itself. There is a rush of people every time. The coming and going of the trains continues twentyfour hours.

Trains enter the platform; people get ready to get into them. Those who have Article shared by. 360 words essay on A Railway Journey (free to read). Traveling is a great and inspiring experience. It is at once instructive and interesting. If we travel second class, a railway journey gives us a true picture of India for the majority of its people travel second class.

Mar 11, 2011  The Railway coolie is a useful member of the society. Heis a hard working man. Whenever yougo to the station youare sure to meet him. He will carry your luggage fromand to the railway coolie generally belongs to poor class. He has a sun, burnt face. His neck is quitethick. he has a broad chest and