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Diwali or (Deepavali) is one of the India's biggest festivals. The word 'Diwali' means rows of lighted lamps. The word 'Diwali' means rows of lighted lamps. It is a festival of lights and Hindus celebrate it with joy.

Diwali is one the most important festival of Hindus It is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the length and breadth of India. It is a festival of lights. It falls on the Amavasya of the month of Kartik every year by Hindu calendar and in the last week of October or in the starting days of November by English calendar. Jan 09, 2018  5 to ten lines on Diwali in English, Hindi for school kids for class 1, 2, 3, 4. Short Essay, Speech of 15 to 20 sentences about Diwali Festival of Lights for students of class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

10 points on Deepavali or Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights, is a fiveday Hindu festival[3 which starts on Dhanteras, celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu calendar month Ashwin and ends on Bhaubeej, celebrated on second lunar day of Shukla paksha of the Hindu calendar month Kartik. Diwali is a religious Hindu festival, celebrated as festival of lights by lighting lamps everywhere on the homes, streets, shops, temples, markets, etc.

Long and Short Essay on Diwali in English People of Hindu religion wait Diwali is the festival of wealth, prosperity and happiness. It is the festival celebrated by the majority of Indians in every nook and corner of the country.

As such, it has become a symbol of unity in diversity. Diwali Essay Find Diwali Essays ideas fron this page. See more essays on Diwali festival and know more information about Diwali festival celebration in However, today we are going to have a look at the Diwali festival. We are sure that such a Diwali essay will provide you with a willing to attend this festival. The Diwali or Deepavali is a Hindu festival that signifies the victory of darkness over evil. It is one of the major festivals that is celebrated in India.

The festival majorly falls in the month of October or November by English calendar and in the month o Kartik according to Hindu calendar. Diwali My Favorite Festival (Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph) 100 FREE Papers on On harit diwali swast diwali essays.

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