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Read several copies of the journal. Pay particular attention to any articles similar to your own, especially those published recently. Check the publication's submission guidelines, noting any particular requirements. In fact, the ACP Journal Club uses the MORE system to select their articles 1. Specific inclusion criteria have been delineated in order to distinguish papers with the highest scientific merit 2.

Articles that have passed this screening are then rated by clinicians on their clinical relevance and newsworthiness, using a graded scale 3. ACP Journal Club helps you stay current with the latest evidencebased clinical information relevant to internal medicine and its subspecialties.

Reviewing over 120 leading medical journals, this monthly feature in Annals of Internal Medicine contains an editorial, easy to read abstracts, and a page of other notable articles.

WHAT IS A JOURNAL CLUB? With its September 2002 issue, the American Journal of Critical Caredebuts a new feature, the AJCC Journal Club. Each issue of the journal will now feature an AJCC Journal Club article that providesquestions and discussion points to stimulate a journal ACP Journal Club summarizes the best new evidence for internal medicine from over 120 clinical journals.

Once a bimonthly standalone journal, ACP Journal Club is now a monthly feature of Annals of Internal Medicine. This journal publishes critical reviews of other articles written by experts in the field it's like having a journal club meeting. Holdings: Vol. 148, no. 10 (May 2008)present JOURNAL CLUB Tips for Presenters Journal clubs can play a valuable part of your time in grad school.

They promote critical thinking skills, dissemination of scientific information, and generate novel research ideas. Reviewing Journal Articles (SymonsMcClellan) on hand while you go through the article. (A pdf copy of these Mar 05, 2015  5 Tips for Journal Club FirstTimers.

1 comment. By Lucy Bauer. Monday, March 30, 2015. Research communities often uphold the ideal of scientific collaboration. But what does collaboration really mean?

(NLM) provides an online platform to discuss journal articles in our connected world via the PubMed Commons Journal Clubs: Evaluation and Critique Search this Guide Search Guidance for participating in this activity, from how to find articles to discuss to Journal Club is a mandatory event for all students in the MDPhD program. Students will be registered for CONJ 606MD: Journal Club year round and will receive credit for this course. Each student will be assigned a week in which to present 12 times each year throughout the entirety of their program and will be notified of this assignment