Resume gpa round up

I wanted to know what people thought of rounding my GPA in this manner on my resume. I've been reading on other sites, and it seems like people jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popularall Seriously, it's fine. Round up.

GPA is really not that important, would spend more time focusing on networking than anything However, on a resume it almost always looks better to have a 3. 3 as opposed to a 3. 25 or a 3. 5 as opposed to a 3. 45. If you have a 3. 3 or lower, you may have a hard time selling yourself as a 3. 5 is generally considered to be the expected minimum GPA (however, this does not make 3. 5 the GPA cutoff). University always have some rule of" rounding" GPAs. If it is still about your CV I would still use the complete GPA, or, if you really want to round round at a position where you would round down anyway(e.

i.to 3. 46). However, if you have to fill a form that only allows 2 digits but your official GPA is 3. 462, put 3. 46 in there. If you have to put your GPA on your resume, Id side with Bill Florin and suggest you simply truncate (i. e.ignore the last digit. ) Sure, we like round numbers, but rounding up in this context might come off as fudging the numbers. If we really have to complicate things, you might write it up as: GPA: 3.

4. As an undergrad, my GPA was a. During one of the interviews for my current job, the interviewer asked" Why didn't you just round it up to 4. 0? " My response was simply that I wanted to be as 1. Don't put your GPA on your resume, if the resume is used for job interviews. It always looks strange. 2. If your GPA is 2. 96, who cares about the hundredths? If you round it to 3, I wouldn't object. Who cares? Outside of academia it wouldn't draw the slightest notice.

ESPECIALLY if it is for an interview for your second or fifth job. Cumulative GPA: ; Varsity Sport starter on the varsity sports team all four years; 20 hours per week; President, Investment Club responsible for financial modeling and analysis. Can you Round Up GPA on Resume? Many students ask, can you round up GPA or should you round up GPA on your resume, and the answer (generally) is yes.