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ccot essay sample Question: Choose TWO of the areas below and analyze the developments of major religious& philosophical ideas between 2000 BCE& 600 CE.

Be sure to discuss continuities as well as changes. Sep 03, 2018 The Continuity and ChangeOverTime (CCOT) essay is a type that is commonly used on the AP World History exam, but you may be asked to write one for other settings or courses.

Basically, it asks you to think about how a particular subject In an essay on the nature of progress during the long nineteenth century, students will more likely be able to use the local events as examples to support their understanding of change and continuity over the whole period.

Continuity and Change Over Time One of three essay types that will be on the exam The time allotted for this essay is 40 minutes, 5 minutes of which should be spent planning andor outlining the 1 How to Write a Continuity and Change Over Time (CCOT) Essay Background: The Rubric Like the DBQ and Comparative essays, the CCOT is scored according to a rubric.

Change& Continuity Over Time Essay CCOT. Purpose: To evaluate your ability to analyze historical changes and continuities that have shaped events, social, political, economic developments in history and ability to gauge your analysis of global processes.

Historians study different types of events through time and group these events based upon topics or themes. Breaking historical events up based upon categories makes it easier for people to identify changes and study the effects on people over time.

CCOT stands for" change and continuity over time. " The focus of a CCOT essay is to compare the state of affairs in a geographical region from two points in time. For example, a CCOT essay assignment might be to compare the percentage of U. S. high school graduates in 1965 who go on to attend college The thesis of the essay does not address continuities, so it did not receive the thesis point. It discusses both changes and continuities in the time period (2 points).

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