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Common Core State Standards Initiative. Common Core State Standards Initiative. Home; About the Standards. Development Process; Frequently Asked Questions; " Compare and contrast texts in different forms or genres [e.

g.stories and poems; historical novels and fantasy stories Comparison and Contrast Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Purpose& Supporting Details The paper compares and contrasts items clearly. The paper points to specific (1) Teachers often rely on Venn diagrams to teach the concept of compare and contrast, and Venn diagrams are not a useful way to organize writing. They were meant for discussions around set theory, not for essay writing. Scoring Rubric: ComparisonContrast The organization, elements of comparisoncontrast writing, grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling of a written piece are scored in this rubric.

This printable includes directions for how to score each element independently, and a space for comments with which teachers can offer specific or collective feedback.

CompareContrast essay scoring rubric aligned to more rigorous Common Core Standards. Comparison Contrast Essay. shared by Mrs. Amy Benz, Beulah Middle School Common Corealigned rubric 7th Grade Share this rubric via: rubric code: 97YQ6G.

Use this code to import this rubric into your own EssayTagger assignments! Log in and go to" my rubrics". Below 7th The core of the comparecontrast essay for students is, of course, comparing and contrasting. So when setting up the rubric for your students, you need to start with these skills.

Whether students are comparing two works of fiction, or two historical time periods, the skills to compare and contrast are fundamentally the same.

COMPARISONCONTRAST ESSAY ASSIGNMENT P. Write an essay that compares or contrasts two selections that you have read this year. Concentrate on key aspects such as setting, people or characters, events, or the writers style.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY RUBRIC Compare and Contrast Rubric aligned to CCSS. compare contrast essay examples high school Compare and Contrast Essay and Rubric from The Resourceful Teacher. Common Core Writing Rubrics, Grade 5 The following writing rubrics for the Common Core were developed by the Elk Grove Unified School District in Elk Grove, California. There are rubrics for each major writing type described in Writing Standards 13: argument, exposition, and narration.