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Timeline. Dec 01, 2007  Essay on Bolivian Water Wars The Bolivian Example to Citizenry As such allow us to remember the struggle of those in Cochabamba and use them as an example to break our patterns of complacency, to stand against our oppressors as well. For there are no national, racial, ethnic or patriotic boundaries binding greed; the The government of Bolivia, under pressure from the World Bank, decided to privatize water supply in the countrys third largest city, Cochabamba.

People were dissatisfied with the decision of the government. Water War in Bolivia is a firsthand account of that victory. Featuring perspectives from water activist and prominent labor leader Oscar Olivera, Cochabamba is a fourpart work covering various aspects of The Water War, and its The Water War and its Legacy. The history of the Water War is characterized by a simple and powerful narrative: in 1997 the World Bank gave Bolivia a loan to improve the water system in its largest cities, including Cochabamba, in exchange for As a result, Bolivia entered the period of unrest that lasted for more than 50 years.

Then, a new war broke out, putting a republic in a state of crisis of its seacoast and nitrate New Water Wars in Bolivia: Climate Change and Indigenous Struggle. Tweet. Bill Weinberg. September 2, 2010 Chancellor David Choquehuanca, for example, Water War in Bolivia (South End Press, 2004); Jim Shultz, The Cochabamba Water Revolt, Bolivia's Water War We all know that with the establishment of democracy, the role of popular struggles do not come to an end.

The fact that popular struggles are integral to the working of democracy is something we get to see through the people's successful struggle against privatisation of water in Bolivia.