How to write a business scenario

The advantage of the ScenarioasStory approach is that fiction is a familiar presentation language for readers, and they can more readily grasp the changes to ones life that emerge from the How can the answer be improved?

In other words, a business scenario is simply a conversation between people or thingsobjects in the business. Scenarios are also a good tool for testing theoretical business processes and domain models by using reallife examples or instances of a situation and the people in it. A scenario plan is a forwardfocused document that deals with possible shifts in a business's operating environment. It is designed for longterm strategic development and works to identify key forces outside the company's control.

The plan examines several possible scenarios for the company. Figure: Creating a Business Scenario. A business scenario is developed over a number of iterative phases of Gathering, Analyzing, and Reviewing the information in the business scenario. In each phase, each of the areas above is successively improved. How long should a case be? Unlike a press release, there is no standardized format for writing a case scenario. They can be as short as a single paragraph, or as complex as a fourpage document with sidebars, summaries and charts.

A business school case may be brief or extensive. This will help you write the scenario plan in a cohesive fashion. Your outline should include an executive summary, a description of the potential scenario, impacts of the scenario, solutions for problems, actions to address opportunities, your recommendations, a summary and an appendix.