Essay on homelessness in vancouver

Homelessness is not a contemporary issue it is predicted that it is found in American society in the early ages of 1640. In early history the homelessness was related to moral issue and obligation and people who were homeless visit town to town to prove their worth but in recent era it is more related to a social problem.

Below is an essay on" Homelessness In Vancouver" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. While addiction plays a huge role in the number of homeless, there are some who are not addicted. In March 2011, during the City of Surreys 24hour homeless count, organizers noted 56 homeless individuals with children in Metro Vancouver, according to Rise in Homeless Metro Vancouver Families Alarming, (Par.

2). According to a report written by Nation Coalition for the Homeless, a study done by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty which states that approximately 3. 5 million people, 1.

35 million of them children, are likely to experience homelessness in a given year in America alone (National Coalition for the Homeless, July 2009). The The two main causes of homelessness in Vancouver are lack of income and cost of housing. These two factors could be attributed to about 66 of Vancouver's homeless population according to a 2005 survey done by the City; however, this decreased to a total of 44 by 2008.

Approximately 5 people become homeless within Metro Vancouver each week, based on recent trends of 6 annual growth in the regional homeless population. The incidence of homelessness in Metro Vancouver has increased annually over the past 15 years, and has now reached a state of crisis. Vancouver has the highest number of homeless persons in Canada.

A report released by The National Shelter Study did indicate that the number of homeless persons in the city of Vancouver is worrying and needs urgent attention. Homeless people cost taxpayers up to 40, 000 per year in service and shelter costs. By comparison, the costs of a person in supportive housing ranged to 28, 000 per year.

Normal Canadians spend an average of 11, 200 a year on shelter. Homeless people cost taxpayers an average of 11, 410 a year in costs via the criminal justice system. The Home Essays Homelessness Essay.

Homelessness Essay problem, one must learn how, why, and when the problem began. The history behind Vancouvers homelessness goes back to the 1980s and the Downtown Eastside (DTES). The Downtown eastside was once the citys hub of commercial and transit rail activities.

Many historical sites Can Homelessness in Vancouver Be Reduced? Homeless Populations Essay Young Homeless People Essay.

Presentation: On any given night in Australia around 105, 000 people are homeless. 22 of homeless people is the result of Domestic and family violence. There are varying perspectives on the controversial issue of homelessness