Can i write my own patent

Originally Answered: What's involved in writing my own patent? Who should I hire to help me write a patent application? How do I write provisional patent application for website? How do I write patent claims? Can AI write patents? Where can I find a good sample provisional patent application?

How can the answer be improved? Writing your own patent is great for products that may generate 100, 000year in revenue, but there are serious pitfalls for high value products.

But in my experience, few clients are equipped to write their own applications. A patent application is a highly structured document, the drafting of which is not intuitive for most people without experience writing patents.

Should I Write My Own Patent Application (DIY Patents)? By Eric Waltmire You may wonder whether you should write and file your own patent application (e.

g. a DIY (doityourself) patent application) or whether you should have a patent attorney file directly a patent application that you wrote. Can I really write my own US utility patent? Use our stepbystep guide to learn how to write a quality US Patent Application. The answer is absolutely YES!. Inventors like you learn how to and write their own patents all the time. How One Inventor Taught Himself Everything There Is to Know About Patents.

They're written in their own language! I do not recommend writing your own nonprovisional patent application. Still May 11, 2008 Best Answer: It is a dangerous business writing your own patent and I would recommend you get a patent attorney to help you.

If you really think your invention will be worth something, then you should get the patent application done properly. A well written application can protect your invention and also Patent Claim Drafting 101: The Basics. By Gene Quinn May 25, 2013 14 Print Article. Well, writing your own patent application is a little like taking out your own appendix. You wont die if Do I need a patent lawyer or can I get a patent on my own? I'm 20 years old and wrote my own patent for an invention that I brought to Kickstarter.

It's really not hard but where it gets tricky is making sure that you meet all of the requirements. I'd recommend against paying anyone for a provisional patent.

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