Informational essay on the florida aquifer

North East Florida Educational Consortium through a section of the Floridan Aquifer system, simultaneously above and below ground. information to ask questions, propose solutions, make decisions, experiment, and record observations.

The Floridan Aquifer is the largest aquifer in Florida where the state gets it drinking water. The Floridan aquifer system also provides water for several large cities, including Savannah and Brunswick in Georgia; and Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and St. Petersburg in Florida. The Water Supply of Florida Essay The water supply of The term" Floridan aquifer" is entrenched in the Florida groundwater literature and is widely used in national and international hydrologic publications.

However, Stringfield's term" principal artesian aquifer" generally has been used in hydrologic reports from Georgia and South Carolina. The Floridan Aquifer Essay; The Floridan Aquifer Essay. 574 Words 3 Pages. The Floridan Aquifer Water is an endless cycle that repeats itself but doesnt necessarily remain drinkable. Rain feeds vegetation, evaporation occurs, and then returns to rivers, streams, and lakes and may seep into rocks and caves underground through Make sure to choose the one you intendwhether it be for one of our contests, for the print Florida Review, or for Aquifer: The Florida Review Online.

Submit your manuscript and cover letter using the appropriate link. As with the print magazine, we consider literary nonfiction with a range of approaches, from personal essay, to memoir, to Aquifer is our new online literary supplement to The Florida Review print edition. As with the print magazine, we consider literary nonfiction with a range of approaches, from personal essay, to memoir, to literary journalism, to lyric essays.

We read short shorts as well as substantially longer work. New Jobs The Expansion of Port Everglades Port Everglades is located on the southeast coast of South Florida.

[tags: Free Essay Writer Free Essays 1102 words (3. 1 pages) There is a vast and mysterious system of caves and natural springs in North Central Florida. The cave system within the aquifer is one of the most amazing parts aquifer, transmissivities are highest (greater than 1, 000, 000 ft squared per day) in the unconfined karst areas of central and northern Florida.

Lowest transmissivities (less than 50, 000 ft squared per day) occur in the Florida panhandle and southernmost Florida, where the Upper Floridan aquifer is confined by thick clay sections. In the southern half of the study area, including most of central and southern Florida, the Upper Floridan aquifer is thick and can be differentiated into three distinct zones, namely the uppermost permeable zone, the Ocala LowerPermeability Zone, and the Avon Park Permeable Zone.

Groundwater Information and Data. The U. S. Geological Survey collects groundwater level data at about 20, 000 wells nationwide, 222 here in Florida.

The USGS provides longterm, accurate, and unbiased information that meets the needs of many diverse users.