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Reputations of the main characters and its role in Othello In the play Othello written by William Shakespeare, the theme of reputation was a Reputation and Image in William Shakespeares Othello Essay Othello Explication In William Shakespeares Othello, unspoken fears of being an outsider and concerns about his public image contribute to the downfall of a tragic hero named Othello.

After Cassio gets into a drunken brawl and loses his position as Othello's officer, he worries about the loss of his" reputation, " which is Reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving. You have lost no reputation at all unless you repute yourself such a loser. What, man, there are ways to recover the general again. Othello, Iago, and Cassio all show examples of reputation being of great importance.

None of them speak of being an honorable person as being important. This shows the attitude that many take on that reputation and honor are synonymous when in fact they are not.

While speaking to Othello Iago says Cassio's Reputation in Othello The play's most obvious engagement with reputation occurs in Act 2, Scene 3, when Iago gets Cassio so drunk that Roderigo easily provokes him into a disgraceful brawl.

Published: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 Reputation is very important when one needs to know whom to trust and what judgments can be made about a reason. The reputation of three characters in the play Othello by Shakespeare plays important role in determining the eventual results of the play. Reputation Reputation in othello essay quotes very important to Shakespeare, and he shows that very clearly in" Othello: The Moor of Venice".

Iago's reputation as an honest man, Othello's reputation as a just hero, Cassio's changing reputation throughout the play, and Desdemona's reputation play a key role in the outcome of the play.

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