Resume by pcie device pme

SCPA040 2 PCIe 1. 0a Device Prevent Resume from S1 Section. 2 (line 20): While in the D1 state, a function must not initiate any TLPs on the link with the exception of a PME message, as defined in Section. Apr 24, 2010 power saving modes through any event on PME (Power Management Event). Resume By PCIE Device When set to [Enabled, the feature allows your system to be awakened from the power saving modes through any event on PCIE device.

I have 2 LAN cards, integrated PCIE Realtek RTL8111DL and external PCI D WOL enabling item name can differ according to the BIOS manufacturer (Wake On LAN, Wake Up by LAN, Wake Up On LAN, Power On by LAN, Power Up by LAN, Power On by PCI Devices, Power On by PCIE Devices, Resume On PCI Event, Resume by LAN, Resume By WOL, Resume On LAN, Resume On LANPME#Wake on LAN from pciepmemarkdevices Set the PME interrupt flag for devices below a port. @port: PCIe root port or event collector to handle.

For each device below given root port, including the port itself (or for each static struct pciepmedriver To unsubscribe from this list: send the line" unsubscribe linuxkernel" in the body of a message to I want to turn the computer on remotely from out side and connect to CrazyRemote.

Power On By PCIE Devices Enabled. ASROCK Advanced ACPI Configuration Resume By PCIPCIELan PME Enabled. FOXCONN Power Management Resume by LAN Enabled. Index: @@ 46, 3 46, 7 @@ config PCIEASPM