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Catherine Morland The protagonist of Northanger Abbey. Catherine is seventeen years old, and has spent all her life in her family's modest home in the rural area of Fullerton. While Catherine has read many novels (particularly Gothic novels), she is very inexperienced at reading people. Her Catherine Morland is only 17 years old, which makes her the youngest of Jane Austen's heroines and the girl with the least experience. Catherine was brave enough to leave the house and travel only with the Allens to Bath.

Catherine Morland Felicity Jones Henry Tilney JJ Feild General Tilney Liam Cunningham check your local listings! Further Reading. Seducing the Viewer: Sex, power and heightened drama in Northanger Abbey, by Vanessa E.

Cook, first place student essay; Northanger Abbey at the Movies, by Bruce Stovel; Contents. Austen Free Essay: How Is Catherine Morland presented in Volume one?

Northanger Abbeys primary trajectory is the development of the main female character. Even View Notes Catherine Moreland Essay from ENGL 1301 at University of Texas, Arlington. Kelsey Hester Mrs. Isgitt AP English 4 Period 5 23 September 2011 Catherine Morland: a Heroine in Catherine Morland in Jane Austens Northanger Abbey, an unlikely Gothic heroine Elisabeth Widmark ENC102 Literary Essay Department of Languages and Literatures AP ENGLISH LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION 2008 SCORING COMMENTARY (Form B) Question 2 Sample: 2A Score: 7 This is a competent essay that coherently describes the complexity of Catherine Morlands character.

Check your paper This essay is 100 guaranteed. Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey Jane Austens Northanger Abbey is essentially the coming of age story of Catherine Morland, a sympathetic yet nave young girl who spends some time away from home at the impressionable age of seventeen.

As Catherine matures in the town Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen Essay" Propriety and the Education of Catherine Morland: Northanger Abbey, Duckworth on Catherine's moral growth: Northanger Abbey, while it does not Compare and contrast the relationship between HenryCatherine and JamesIsabella.

Isabella's monetary concerns leads to the dissolution of her engagement with James, while Cathereine's marriage to Henry is almost hindered by his father's belief that Catherine is too poor to fit into their family