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- Who We Are -

As a focus of my interior design business, fabric is everything. But making people feel good is my raison d’être. While running a successful design studio, I opened French Twist exclusively to feature French designers, and offer a higher level of personalized service, infused with genuine warmth and caring.

While visiting family in Paris, I was inspired by a line of soft and flowy organic cottons and washable silks. Walking to and from my mother’s apartment, I couldn’t resist dropping by several designer boutiques and buying gifts for everyone I knew, including my colleagues at the fashion pop-up I owned in the Virginia Beach Vibe District. On that visit, I bonded with Lise in one of my favorite stores, learned about the family business and their wish to expand to the States. When we met to discuss the possibilities, everything fell into place. It was a perfect fit.

Two years after launching French Twist in Virginia Beach, a second French Twist opened in Williamsburg, VA and the line is now also offered inside L'Abeille in Norfolk and in the Shops at 5807 in the West End of Richmond. 




Here’s the Twist:

“Every piece is one size fits most. Tailored to fit different silhouettes, this model works for a wide range of tastes and sizes. Give me a chance and I will show you what looks good on you and make you feel great.

Most pieces are repeated in a series of neutral colors, from white to dark grey.

We are very French and very local. Our clothing is purely French. But, all accessories, jewelry, and artwork are created by local artists and artisans. I want to discover the best handmade talent, not just to complement our designs but to give emerging designers a place to shine.”

Annie Reichhoff, Owner, French Twist Boutique